Our Team

President of IRG Realty Advisors, Greg has over 20 years of commercial real estate and facilities management experience.  He holds an MBA and is a licensed Ohio real estate broker.  With leadership experience managing property, construction, facilities, and transactions, Greg oversees all functions related to IRG Realty Advisors.


Masters of Business Administration, Baldwin-Wallace College

Berea, OH

Bachelor of Arts, Baldwin-Wallace College

Berea, OH


A Little More About Greg

What is your favorite animal and why?

Cow (Medium Rare) – Because it’s delicious!

List 3 things that make you happy?

Family, being in the outdoors, achieving a goal

What is the greatest gift you ever received?

The book “The Present” by Spencer Johnson.  Taught me to live in the moment.

What is something that few people know about you?

I graduated undergrad as an Elementary Ed Major K-12


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