Our Team

Mark Miley

Senior Vice President,
Chief Operating Officer,
Chief Financial Officer

Mark is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Services, Chief Operating, and Chief Financial Officer supporting IRG Realty Advisors. He has over 24 years of commercial real estate related experience with corporate and investment asset types such as industrial, office, residential, corporate and troubled/special asset.  Mark is well versed in how to drive cost savings for clients and maximize the value with their real estate investments.



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration,  The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

A Little More About Mark

What is the greatest gift you ever received?

Black Labrador Retriever puppy named Irving

Who has influenced you the most?

My dad

Name something on your "bucket list"

Golf at St. Andrews.

Words or quote that you live by:

“Learn as if you were going to live forever and live as if you were going to die tomorrow


How many dogs do you have?


How many sons do you have?


How many Little League games have you coached?


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