Our Values
Core Values

Dedicated, respectful. Honest, Integrity, Inclusive, Passionate, Hard working, Accountable.

These are some of the words that our employees have used to describe the culture here at IRG Realty Advisors. 

From the very beginning, the leadership at IRG Realty Advisors recognized that our most valuable asset is our people. As advisors to the commercial real estate industry, our clients depend upon the expertise and experience that our people possess and provide through a menu of value-added services.  A key component of the company’s strategic plan is its Best People Initiative. This initiative ensures focused hiring, personalized training, and development, encourages independent thinking and productive performance reviews, which allows associates to tap into the entrepreneurial culture of the company.

The critical success factors of this initiative are positive reinforcement, autonomy and empowerment. The evidence of the Best People Initiative is clearly measured in our company’s retention rate. Our team of dedicated employees are truly vested in the success of our projects and clients.


Honesty and integrity are the foundations of our lives, personally and professionally.


Our people are the source of our greatness.


Our commitment to continuous learning and professional development insures our success now and forever.


We strive to earn and offer respect.


We are collectively what we do individually.


Through dedicated resources and strategic partnerships we deliver unparalleled results to our clients and partners.


Passion, commitment and enthusiasm define who we are.