In our Akron, Ohio search, Dillon and IRG Realty Advisors provided excellent market data and the right properties for our consideration. During the entire process of negotiating and securing our lease they were thorough and responsive, paying attention to important details. IRG Realty Advisors helped us find the best Akron office for our mission, volunteers, and staff.

Nancy Dove


Real Estate Services

I have had the opportunity to work with IRG Realty Advisors over the course of many years on several projects and they consistently exceeded expectations. Most recently, my company worked with IRG on a large scope rebranding project. Their commitment to details during this project, which spanned multiple stores in multiple markets, was completed with no business interruption and ahead of schedule. Their team approach and methods made the project a success and a pleasure to work with.

Marilyn Salvucci

Infimer USA, LLC

Since 2012, I have had the pleasure of working with the IRG Realty Advisors team on several challenging projects. Though always mindful of budgetary and historic preservation constraints, the development and construction team at IRG RA never compromised on quality or detail. They addressed inspection and permitting issues with the city whenever required and assembled a complicated financing package to make the project a success. It has been a pleasure to work with IRG RA as the projects are exciting, the team is professional and considerate, and the process has always been rewarding. I look forward to being part of future IRG RA endeavors.

Michael Wellman


Meld Architects

IRG understands what it takes to get projects done. Their deep team of experienced and knowledgeable real estate professionals are accustomed to navigating clients through complex real estate transactions and investments.

Nick Catanzarite

Walter Haverfield LLP

We have worked with IRG as a specialty contractor and found them willing to work with us regarding billing issues, cooperative and understanding in dealing with hidden problems on difficult jobs, very professional from design to close out on projects, and always paying within terms. IRG has welcomed us as a partner and worked with us to improve their facilities.”

Rob Johnson

Boiler Specialists, Inc.

The transparency of information and communication of the team has been top-notch with an exemplary ability to be adaptive to our needs and yet stay focused on the larger issues. To avoid impact to our business, we require close adherence to established timelines. The team strives to hold to those schedules; whether through long term planning or short-term responsiveness and attention to detail they make sure we stay in good operating order.

Martin Ganzer

Director of Facilities and Services

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

We have had a great experience working with IRG on our real estate needs in New Jersey. IRG is well-funded, passionate about our needs as tenant and caretaker of their asset; and they are always ready to match our commitment with their own long-term vision for, and investment in, their properties. Gary, Onno, and the team Stu Lichter has assembled at IRG is as professional and responsive as any developer we work with. We look forward to expanding the relationship in Memphis, Dallas, LA, and other key markets that are core to our business and our strategic customers.

Arthur Barrett


Barrett Distribution Centers

Dan Bahry and Bob Harris at IRGRA have been great to work with. Their expertise and knowledge of the building, tenants, and contractors have been integral to our ownership of the property.

Brian Sherman

Vice President of Asset Management

American Postal Infrastructure

IRG Realty Advisors was a terrific partner when our growing business needed to expand its Cleveland footprint. Once the location was determined, they worked with our team to tailor the space to fit our specific needs. For the past 5 years their property management team has always been responsive and communicative. The IRG team always has a level of urgency and professionalism that makes dealing with them very easy. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Joe Grossman

Vice President Order Fulfillment

National Safety Apparel

I am writing this note on behalf of the IRGRA property management team for our main office located in downtown Cleveland, OH. In the past year, the Cleveland Superior Company purchased the downtown Cleveland, OH building which houses our main offices. The new ownership and the IRGRA management team of Dan Bahry; Bob Harris and Kevin Kontul, met with our executive staff here in an attempt to learn what we do as a business, what were our needs, and advise us on the future plans for the building.

In the span of one month after the initial meeting, we noticed significant changes to a building that was neglected for years. Landscaping, parking lot repairs and lighting upgrades were made in the span of one month. The Management team has proven open to our needs and concerns. They are responsive to our requests, and east to work with. They are true property management professionals, and take pride in what they do. They have proven to be good partners.

George Phillips-Olivier

Sr. Director, Support Services

Step Forward

A large thank you to Trevor Saunders for always replying within 15 minutes to any issue I ever have at the building. Trevor, the Site Manager, replies cheerfully and never sounds like any problem is trivial. He personally checks in at least weekly to see if there is anything he can do for us. The building where my company leases, the old American Greetings Building is old. It comes with its own unique set of problems. We constantly have heat/or cold air issues. Within 2 hours an outside contractor is here to adjust as needed. The exterior of the property is always maintained. Snow removal has been great. The grounds have been newly landscaped, and it looks very nice. The Operations Manager, Bob Harris and Property Manager, Dan Bahry are sympathetic to any issues we may have and always email back respectfully with updates to issues and timelines for major updates as well.

Sharon Comer

Workplace Services Coordinator


I have worked with IRGRA for approximately two years at our Parma location. IRGRA and their team are very professional and fast to respond when issues may arise. Day or night, they handle our concerns and make sure there is a positive outcome. Every time IRGRA had to stop on-site to review the property, a notice was given in advance and they were very punctual with regards to their time. They always make sure we stay operating and communicate effectively.

Eric Rohde

Operations Manager

Hearn Industrial Services, Inc.

First Student has maintained a great working relationship with the IRG group since setting up a First Student operation in IRG’s Hillsborough, NJ property over seven years ago. First Student is very pleased with the arrangement to date, and look forward – where possible, to working with IRG in the future.

David DeVito

CPM - Reginal Real Estate Manager

First Student

We have found the team at IRGRA to be a very responsive partner. Issues are addressed head on and resolution is timely. The IRGRA Team has deep industry experience and insights, their support through several complex issues has been invaluable.

John Sacksteder


Mark Anthony Brewing

Perimeter Global Logistics (PGL) with its headquarters in Irving, TX and having warehouses throughout the US reached out to IRG Realty for its space needs of ~125,000 sq. ft. at their East Hartford Business Park. After sending an LOI, it took only couple brief calls with the property manager and IRG’s corporate executive, PGL and IRG reached a quick agreement.  Later, while the lease was under review, due to an unusual event occurring, PGL engaged with IRG and once again very quickly reached a consensus with the unusual event reflected in the lease agreement.

PGL simply could not have been able to do that, were it not for the property manager and the corporate executive understanding PGL’s dilemma. For IRG to have worked on in a manner where the mutual interests were considered and not just what IRG, as a landlord needed is remarkable.   Such partnership is rare to find in this day and age.

Rajan "Raj" Sobhani


Perimeter Global Logistics

IRG has proven to be a visionary partner as well as a trusted and experienced problem-solver as we relocated our global headquarters. We enjoy working with IRG’s creative, customer-focused team of professionals and truly value the knowledge, enthusiasm and high level of commitment they bring to ensure our projects together are a success.

Gillianne Hetrick

Vice President, Corporate Operations

Babcock & Wilcox

The East End Offices paired with IRG RA’s services have provided an ideal environment for our company to develop and execute excellent health plan solutions for our members. Also, the atmosphere of the East End Offices provides a welcoming environment where prospective health plan members can ask important questions and existing members can seek in-person solutions. IRG RA has been extremely responsive and willing to accommodate our needs in order to better serve our members and customers.

Bill Epling

President of Insurance and Networks