Project Services

Collaboration is the cornerstone to success for our clients in achieving their goals and objectives. It’s visible within our workgroup and in our delivery. We understand that one program does not fit all and that we must adapt and be nimble in our approach. By collecting and utilizing our individual experiences and strengths, we marry those with our clients’ goals and objectives to yield hallmark results.

Project Management

IRG Realty Advisors Project Management team will take a project from idea to completion in a thoughtful and collaborative manner. Whether the project is a new build, retrofit, or grounds up construction, our team has the creativity and experience to make the project a success for our clients. Our approach is to engage early in the process as a valued team member, this allows our client to take full advantage of our expertise and thought leadership to drive a perfect blend of quality and cost, underpinned with careful and creative design. With a portfolio of nearly 100 million square feet and annual construction projects exceeding $30 million, the Project Management team is well poised to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

In a completely open book “cost plus” format, we take a project management fee on the actual cost of the project, versus a “margin” approach. This helps enable our clients to properly budget and plan for capital expenditures. Additionally, we provide Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) budgeting for our clients, even before the engagement of a professional services team.

Construction / Demo

IRG Realty Advisors Construction Team works side by side with our clients to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. It is our goal and mission to save the client money and time by value engineering their project. We review the proposed plan and survey the existing site allowing for reuse of structures, walls and operational systems to avoid and reduce reconstruction costs. We focus on the functions of various components and materials, allowing our client to maximize their new construction dollars.